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in the Virgin Islands.

Citizen Science is scientific research conducted by people from the community in cooperation with scientists. It allows both parties to work together to understand how their environment works. This page is your portal into citizen science research being conducted at the University of the Virgin Islands. The links below will bring you to pages that give you background information and describe the objective of each data collection effort.

Please read the information and participate!

Each project contains a map that will allow you to enter the location of your observation on a map and ask you a few questions. Many of the projects will allow you to add an image of your observation. You do not need a smartphone or GPS.

If you don't see the topic you think is most important contact us at and begin a conversation.

Examples of citizen science projects include:

  • Project BudBurst, in which citizens report on the behavior of plants,
  • AuroraSaurus, in which citizens report the presence of the Aurora borealis, and
  • FrogWatch,USA, a project sponsored by zoos and aquariums to collect information on the distribution of frogs in spring and summer.